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Marine Well Containment Company (MWCC) has announced the completion and delivery of its Expanded Containment System (ECS), bolstering well containment capabilities and response readiness for operators in the deepwater U.S. Gulf of Mexico.According to the company, the enhanced system builds on the equipment and technology put into place with MWCC’s Interim Containment System, made available in February 2011.“The completion of the Expanded Containment System represents a major milestone for our company and a significant investment from industry,” said MWCC Chief Executive Officer Don Armijo. “A
When it comes to oil, President Barack Obama wants to have it both ways. He’s enjoying the political benefits of $2 a gallon gas, yet he’s pushing...

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I'm going to auction this picture I took (RAW, not altered in any way) in Coy city Tx the other day. It's BIG (36"x24") framed in barn wood. I would even be willing to burn your family name in the frame. Bid here, bidding stops Tuesday.
The gulf between local chapters of the union and Houston employers could complicate a deal to end the national strike that has had Steelworkers's members picketing nine chemical plants and refineries across the U.S., five of which are in Houston.
Wood Mackenzie’s Caspian upstream research team have assessed the most significant events of 2014 impacting the region’s oil and gas sector, including the Ukraine crisis and the collapse of global oil prices and significant progress with the region’s high profile megaprojects, identifying the key areas to watch this year.Samuel Lussac, Manager of Wood Mackenzie’s Caspian Upstream research service says: “The low oil price and Russia’s economic turmoil will make 2015 a year of great uncertainty for the Caspian region. State budgets will have to adjust to lower revenues, operators will optimise
Great Mansfield News-Mirror letter to the editor: "There are plenty of laws in place putting the oil and gas industry under state regulation. Many cities are overstepping their authority by attempting to change these rules. Let’s not be one of those over-regulators." http://ow.ly/IiCavMore regulations not good for property ownerswww.star-telegram.comWell, when is enough?! The Mansfield News-Mirror article “Activists fight extending well permits” (Jan. 21, 2015 edition) shows that some people...
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Alright y'all, where's the party at? and who's gonna win today?
The fall in the price of oil and gas provides a once-in-a-generation opportunity to fix bad energy policies http://ow.ly/HpZcnSeize the daywww.economist.comMOST of the time, economic policymaking is about tinkering at the edges. Politicians argue furiously about modest changes to taxes or spending....
Industry body Oil and Gas UK is to call for "meaningful action" from government in order to tackle major challenges facing North Sea operators.Chief executive Malcolm Webb will tell an oil and gas summit in Aberdeen on Monday that "an unpredictable and harmful business environment" has put the sector "at great risk".The body wants urgent tax cuts amid falling oil prices and rising costs.It also wants a new oil and gas regulator in place as soon as possible.The UK Treasury said it was working with industry leaders "as a matter of priority" to address the challenges the industry faces.The summi
"The country's colossal state-run oil firm, Saudi Aramco, is investing another $7 billion in unconventional gas (shale) drilling."Saudi Arabia Is Putting Aside Billions For Its Own Gas Fracking Revolutionwww.businessinsider.comDespite its own part in hurting US shale extraction, Saudi Arabia wants its own unconventional gas industry.
"Fair Share" Campaign Highlights Deal for #Oil and #Gas Companies http://ow.ly/Iez9X #Fracking“Fair Share” Campaign Highlights Sweetheart Deal for Oil and Gas...www.thecherrycreeknews.comThe Center for Western Priorities today launched a new “Fair Share” campaign designed to highlight the sweetheart deal oil and gas companies...
The United Steelworkers union (USW), which represents workers at over 200 US oil refineries, pipelines, terminals and chemical plants, initiated a strike at 9 locations Sunday. Thus begins the largest such walkout since 1980, when a work stoppage lasted three months. The USW began the strike after failing to reach agreement on a labor contract that expired at 12:01 a.m. Sunday. It said in a statement that it “had no choice.” The union ultimately rejected five contract offers made by Shell on behalf of oil companies since negotiations commenced on January 21. "Shell refused to provide us with
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Many Texans receive penalty fees on their electric bills for not using enough power.
Royal Dutch Shell has plans to return to Arctic drilling. The company has revealed its intentions while presenting the fourth quarter 2014 results.Shell’s Chief Financial Officer Simon Henry said that the company would spend around $1 billion for drilling in Alaska: “For this year, we’re planning on drilling in Alaska in 2015, subject to getting the permits and legal clearance, with higher spending there. He added: “But at the same time we are keeping overall spending on conventional exploration flat again at 2014 levels, at around $4 billion, as part of the capital ceiling in the company. Th
WASHINGTON — Dropping oil prices aren't slowing a drive from U.S. producers to ship their crude oil overseas and change a ban on exports that has...

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With more than $110 billion of oil and gas assets on the block as companies big and small count the cost of the collapse in oil prices, it is now a question of who will blink first to set the M&A scramble in motion.Energy groups with spare cash, venture capital funds and multinational and state oil companies are eyeing assets with valuations that have largely tracked the halving of the oil price to less than $50 a barrel since last June.But with the exception of a few recent moves, including Repsol's $3 billion acquisition of Talisman Energy, buyers have largely stayed on the sideline
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Copper heat transfer coefficient value is 330.Bismuth heat transfer coefficient is 1. If we keep the copper container with hot water in Bismuth container.Will the hot water in the copper container be hot for longer duration than the hot water in the copper container that will be kept in open air.
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KBR, Inc. has been selected by BG Group as their Global Upstream Alliance Partner.The company says that the six-year contract, includes an option for two two-year extensions, and will provide capability support, services (Pre-FEED and FEED) and project management services across all of BG Group’s Global Upstream Portfolio.“The alliance will provide us with access to dedicated and proven third-party expertise and resources that can be tailored to specific projects. Importantly, it will focus on enhancing BG Group’s productivity and agility as we develop projects that will deliver the next phas
TGIF! Good Oil Patch News: John Raymond, HUGE #oil investor agrees. The #Permian is THE play in the USA http://ow.ly/Ien8BBelieve In The Permianseekingalpha.comOil prices have tumbled across the board, to the point where many new oil projects around the world are no longer viable. For the last few months,...
The United Steelworkers union (USW) has rejected the fourth proposal submitted by Shell on behalf of oil companies covering employees at 63 US refineries Saturday night, only hours before the current contract is set to expire. The union has issued strike notices, informing local management "so preparations can be made" should a strike occur, USW spokesperson Lynne Hancock said late Saturday. The current national contract expires at 12:01 a.m. on Sunday.The 63 US refineries together represent 64% of the refinery capacity in the US. Union members and company management have been engaged in nego
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Photo of the day.
Anyone can share what is the best tools to control and monitor Drilling Cost, in overall Picture starting from Site Study, Soil Boring, EIA, Rig Mob, Tangibles item, Services, Allocation, Insurance & Rig demob (end of contract)
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In a text message late Saturday afternoon, the union called Shell's latest proposal "insulting" and said it failed to address issues that matter to its members. Details of the proposal were not disclosed. Shell is negotiating on behalf of the energy industry.Once a tentative deal is reached on wages and other work rules, it will become the nationwide standard.
DNV GL, the technical advisor to the oil and gas industry, has been selected by Wintershall Norge AS as the sole supplier for the combined role of Independent Verification Body (IVB) and Third Party Design Verification scope for the subsea, umbilicals, risers and flowlines (SURF) part of the Maria field development project.According to DNV GL, the contract is expected to run until the end of 2018, with a value of potential 30 million NOK (US$ 3.95 million).Sture Angelsen, Business Development Manager in DNV GL, says: “We are delighted to be part of Wintershall’s first field development in Nor
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My client is a highly reputable manufacturing company based in the South of the UK and are looking to add a Production Manager to its vastly expanding ranks. The ideal candidate should fit the follow
Oil price A quiet end to the week as the crude price holds around these levels even marginally up this morning. Although the bulls are saying that we are making quite a base here I am still concernedOil price, Plexus Holdings, Sundry results-Afren-Bowleven-Nighthawk. And finally...www.oilvoice.com
Oil prices could rise sooner than you think http://ow.ly/I9MePHamm: Oil prices could rise sooner than you thinkfuelfix.comThe market doesn't understand just how quickly oil companies will scale back their activities as oil prices plunge -- and as a result, prices could...
US drilling is now in free fall. With rigs being indiscriminately released by operators, the US rig count posted its largest weekly decline in 6 years, falling 86 rigs last week. Given the speed of the collapse and commentary from E&P companies and land drillers last week, more draconian cuts and budget revisions than initially expected are playing out. As such, we are revising our US land rig count forecast to a decline of 800 rigs from peak, compared to our previous estimate of a 650 rig decline. Our original 650 decline estimate was introduced on 1/9/2015 and was one of the steepes
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Oil rose on Friday as concerns over fighting in Iraq extended short covering from the previous session, but crude prices were still poised for a seventh month of declines, the longest rout on record.A supply glut and OPEC's refusal to cut output has driven benchmark Brent and U.S. crude futures down 60 percent since June. Chart watchers as well as analysts tracking market fundamentals believe the selloff will continue for a few more months at least.A Reuters poll shows oil prices may post only a mild recovery in the second half of the year, with prices still averaging less in 2015 than du
ICYMI: http://freebeacon.com/issues/foreign-firm-funding-u-s-green-groups-tied-to-state-owned-russian-oil-company/Foreign Firm Funding U.S. Green Groups Tied to State-Owned Russian Oil Companyfreebeacon.comA shadowy Bermudan company that has funneled tens of millions of dollars to anti-fracking environmentalist groups in the United States is run by executives with deep ties to Russian oil interests and
The Operations Superintendent leads the Operations Team, whose primary objective is to achieve the safe, compliant, reliable, and optimum operations of their assigned process units. This role ensures
Hey Oilpro folks. Coming from a guy in Alberta's oilpatch, I've sure noticed the amount of my friends in the patch calling me and asking if they know where they can find work.I understand the slow times but the people on the rigs always seem to take the "sorry no work go home" hit when oil prices go down.I've been one of the few who is lucky to keep working due to the oil company locking in the oil price so we get to keep working.The tough part is men and women are at home trying to find a way to pay bills and put food on the table, while oil company's just shut down operations.It's how the

The Reamer run!

Posted by InboundRSS-Oilpro 1 day 5 hours ago (http://oilpro.com)
Oh no!it's the drillers worst nightmare! Time to run the reamer in the hole,I've had my fun with those things and have been stuck.like anything you learn how to use them after learning the hard way.so what is a good tip for young drillers who don't understand what to do or how to tell your packing off,yes you can always see it prior,mine is torque as the first sign getting stuck is coming soon,now what to do when it happens,and the signs are missed.go up,down,rotate just turn your back and scream.well the fact that you're corkscrewed into the formation and a dogleg your limited on going down
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http://www.cleanresources.org/manufacturing_a_stronger_america "...a key reason for the healthy state of American manufacturing is the "availability of affordable energy," and he notes that "plentiful, affordable natural gas is benefiting U.S. manufacturing" as "exports of manufactured products have risen 6 percent since the start of America’s shale-gas production boom."...Manufacturing a Stronger Americawww.cleanresources.orgA robust manufacturing sector has been a key component of the American economic recovery in recent years. A closer examination of the
A major first tier supplier to the Automotive industry currently requires an experienced Quality Manager with particular experience within a Pressing and Body in White environment. Ideally you would h
The press suggests that oil companies are cancelling field development projects in the current low price environment. This made me question these decisions since oil companies should be longterm thinOil price volatility - take the long term view and ride out the stormwww.oilvoice.com
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Sometimes I have to pinch myself, just to make sure… It happened at least twice this past week. Harold Hamm, CEO of Continental Resources, is one of the best strategists in the oil business today.  He was early to enter the shale game, as he clearly spotted the potential.  It made him a multi, multi […]The post Pinch Me: Harold Hamm Jumps on Oil Price Boomerang Bandwagon appeared first on Crude Energy.
Atlantic Petroleum has announced that the company will re-locate its finance function to Bergen and close down the Torshavn office, on the Faroe Islands.In connection with this re-location the company’s CFO Mourits Joensen will leave the company with immediate effect and Nigel Thorpe, currently Business Development Director, will become Interim CFO. According to Atlantic Petroleum, the transfer of the finance function will be fully implemented by the end of the second quarter.Ben Arabo, CEO, said:”We are responding to the challenging business environment by cutting costs in all areas of opera

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