What a radio show today. Powering America LIVE now. Reporter from BBC stopping by. Tune in Online http://ow.ly/Dq36yPowering America Radio - Breitling Energy Corporationwww.breitlingenergy.comPowering America with Chris Faulkner – Oct 23, 2014 October 23, 2014/in Powering America /by Breitling EnergyJoin Chris Faulkner, President and CEO...
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AAA says global oil supplies, including significantly higher oil production in the U.S., are outpacing a growth in demand.
Far East Energy Corp., operator of Shouyang coalbed methane block in China's Shanxi province, further extends the maturity date of its existing loan facility with Standard Chartered Bank.
CGG secures 3D seismic contract from Neon Energy for exploration permit WA-503-P offshore Western Australia.
Wood Mackenzie discusses how the calls for tougher fiscal policies in Thailand may risk future exploration activity in the country.
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Oil for December delivery dropped $1.08 to settle at $81.12 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange.
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The ministry for natural resources has officially approved MOL’s field development plan (FDP) for the Akri-Bijeel Block in the Kurdistan region of Iraq
The fight over fracking in Colorado has been viewed as a bellwether for similar debates brewing from New York to Sacramento.
Fracking Debate in Dallas tonight. Streamed live. See details on the link. #fracking #oil #gas #energy #debate http://ow.ly/Dq2MBWatch McAleer/Tillman debate LIVE online (Oct 27th)us1.campaign-archive1.com
Have you ever heard of a pipelay operation in autotrack mode?
sourceWhen I was a child, I was really moved by the Hollywood blockbuster Erin Brockovich.The movie starred Julia Roberts who played an inexperienced legal assistant who helped to file a case against an electric and gas company, which was allegedly contaminating nearby drinking water supplies.The movie, based on real events, shocked me. I didn’t understand how it could be so easy to contaminate water. But more so, I didn’t understand how companies could hide so much information from the public.Thinking back about that movie, it made me wonder. If oil and gas companies were more transparent ab
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Eni has made a new important oil discovery in the Minsala Marine exploration prospect located in the Marine XII Block offshore Congo-Brazzaville at 35-kilometres from the shoreline and 12-kilometres from the recent Nené Marine discovery
October 30th, 2014 A high-pressure gate valve that came off a leaky standpipe on a Cyclone rig north of Parachute early in the evening of Oct. 21 struck and killed Shane Hill, 34, of Grand Junction and blew his body 6 feet away from the valve, a state report says.The rig…
Moscow and Kiev on Thursday clinched a multi-billion dollar deal that will guarantee that Russian gas exports flow into Ukraine and beyond to the European Union throughout the winter despite their intense rivalry over the fighting in eastern Ukraine.
Oilex makes progress in achieving the proof of concept objectives for Cambay-77H well in Gujarat, India.
Karoon Gas Australia is trying to sell a stake in its Brazilian offshore oil-exploration blocks as it plans to start a $120 million to $150 million drilling program, its top South American executive says.
We have been getting a lot of questions about the recent decline in oil prices and the impact to drilling activity by play. In an earlier post, we looked at the fantasy scenario of Permian oil production if rig activity went to zero. This week we decided to take a look at the Eagle Ford and what it would take in terms of a reduction in rigs to get back to 2013 activity levels - the old "put the Genie back in the bottle" exercise. *For more detailed Eagle Ford analysis, ask for a sample of the US Upstream Outlook.As shown in the map below, there have been over 10,000 horizontal wells drille
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GeoPark Limited has lauded an increase in its preliminary internal reserve estimate for the Tigana oil field in the Llanos 34 Block in Colombia
Cheniere Energy has reached a pre-settlement pact with investors that will put restraints on pay after CEO Charif Souki’s $142 million annual takehome had outpaced every other U.S. CEO’s last year.
Oil prices closed down 1%, resuming their downtrend after a two-day climb.
Seabird's Hawk Explorer vessel lands a $12 million contract for 2D seismic survey in Asia Pacific.
Exoma Energy withdraws from the Galilee Joint Venture exploration permits in Queensland, Australia.
A Mexico Energy Reform Ripple Effect?South of the US border, the ripple effect of Mexico energy reform is being felt throughout Latin America. Many of Central and South America's economies are nationalized- and this includes the oil sector. But as was the case with President Enrique Pena Nieto's support of energy overhaul in Mexico, other countries in the region are exploring ways to maximize the profitability of the oil and gas reserves held in their onshore and offshore regions. Provincial AngstArgentina's President Cristina Kirchner's allies in the Lower House of Congress gave final approv
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Kongsberg Maritime Embient, with Kongsberg partner company Contros Systems and Solutions, has been selected to develop and deliver innovative technologies and strategies for environmental monitoring during gas hydrate exploration and production as part of the EU ‘SUGAR' (Submarine Gas Hydrate Reservoirs) project
In identical 9-1 rulings, the court found that referendum petitions filed by two leftist parties were unconstitutional because matters involving state revenue cannot be subjected to popular vote.
EMAS Offshore changes tack in its floating production business by targeting engineering, procurement and construction contracts instead of focusing on leasing deals.
ConocoPhillips reports higher third-quarter profit from the sale of its Nigerian unit but lowered its fourth-quarter production outlook.
The new head of Total challenged Europe to fight Washington over the US oil export ban, in his first public appearance since his predecessor.
Breitling Energy Awarded For Excellence In Social Responsibility at Oil and Gas AwardsBreitling Energy Awarded For Excellence In Social Responsibility at Oil and Gas AwardsBreitling Energy CorporationBreitling Energy (OTCBB: BECC) announced today it received the award for Excellence in Social Responsibility at the Southwest Region Oil and Gas Awards.
Lay all of your cards on the table or don't play.I recently had a conversation with a candidate that I have had many times before with many others just like him.He didn't want to tell me how much he is currently making. Either he is embarrassed by the amount, or he thinks he can leverage that information for a larger salary with a new employer. In this case, I think he is embarrassed.He would not tell me at what salary he would move. He just says, "I know what my counterparts in the industry are making, and I'll move for something in that range." - which is why I think he is embarrassed b
Marathon Petroleum says it's assessing options for the future of the largest mainland US oil conduit- the 1.2 M/bd Capline pipeline. In recent years, the pipeline, which runs from St. James, Louisiana (the delivery hub for Light Louisiana Sweet crude) to Patoka, Illinois, has seen sharp declines in shipping volumes as midwestern refiners access the growing supply of Bakken and Canadian crude to replace expensive imports via Capline. Crude flows through the US have effectively reversed as less expensive US (primarily Bakken) and Canadian production pushes out imports delivered to the US Gulf c
I am searching for the exact point in US history (i.e. what law/act) general bonds were required for leaseholders operating on the United States outer continental shelf (OCS) region. If someone knows of a reputable textual source I can cite please let me know. I think it is probably the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act of 1953, but I'm having a hard time finding out whether general bonding exist in the US OCS *before* that.
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We live in an innovation society—enjoying the benefits of technological progress in our daily lives. But what, exactly, is innovation?
Platts Energy Week TV, teaser for week of Nov. 2, 2014The November 2 episode of Platts Energy Week will explore the next step in President Barack Obama's Climate Action Plan with White House official Mike Boots, financing solar energy in the US...From:Platts McGraw HillViews:2 0ratingsTime:00:31More inNews & Politics
As various Caribbean refineries closed, reopening them faced a problem. Even if you could get cheaper WTI-based crude to them, they would be competing against US refineries powered by lower-cost natural gas. A refinery in the Caribbean would have little alternative except to use expensive fuel oil.But industry sources are reporting that Atlantic Basin Refining, which is expected to be the new owners of the US Virgin Islands’ St.Croix refinery, known as Hovensa, is believed to have a business plan that will bring in cheaper sources of energy–specifically, LNG–to power the ref
KBR has announced that its joint venture partnership with PT Rekayasa Industri, JGC Corporation and PT JGC Indonesia, the RJK JV, has been awarded the onshore front-end engineering and design (FEED) contract by BP for a third liquefaction train at the Tangguh LNG Project in West Papua province, Indonesia
Denton Fracking Ban Goes to BallotDenton Fracking Ban Goes to Ballot "A decision to ban hydraulic fracturing within the limits of the city of Denton, Texas will go before voters in an upcoming ballot initiative. The city council...From:Crude EnergyViews:4 0ratingsTime:02:02More inPeople & Blogs
On a day in late October, people grabbed whatever bag they could and stuffed it full of treats of all shapes and sizes. No, it wasn’t Halloween, but the biennial Permian Basin International Oil Show (PBIOS), which took place Oct … Continue reading →Packed in at the Permian - By Daniel Irizarry
October 30th, 2014 A natural gas leak at an unconventional well operated by American Energy Partners LP affiliate American Energy Utica LLC prompted an overnight evacuation order in southeast Ohio's Jefferson County after emergency management officials feared it could lead to an explosion, according to state regulators.Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) spokeswoman Bethany McCorkle said a mandatory evacuation order was issued within a…
The government's top energy analysts weighed into the debate on exporting crude Thursday, releasing a study asserting that the cost of gasoline inside the United States is closely tied to the price of international crudes, not domestic oil.
I am just seeking suggestions on how to sell oilfield cartoon advertising calendars. It seems oil companies/service companies do not spend as much as they used to on advertising give-aways, or is it they do not spend it on advertising calendars? Just curious and looking for suggestions. My cartoons are in 4 trade magazines, 20 newspapers, and several web sites. So the exposure is there, just a little taken back on the low sales. I have no experience nor exposure to sales, so maybe it is just my marketing strategy. Thanks.Stevecrudeoilcalendars.com
Increased LNG exports would increase production and investment, "outweighing" a modest price increase for consumers, according to a new EIA report. "Increased LNG exports lead to increased natural gas prices," the report said. However, US gas markets would "balance in response to increased LNG exports" by ramping up production. Consequently, "Increased energy production spurs investment, which more than offsets the adverse impact of somewhat higher energy prices."The agency is currently conducting several studies related to LNG and crude oil exports. The latest report is in response to a requ
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